Counselor/Amany Badr Eldien Al-Rafei

01/07/2018 to
30/06/2019 Of

The 25th President of the Administrative Prosecution Authority since 1/7/2018 till present and the 5th woman to occupy this high level post.

She graduated from the Faculty of Law – Alexandria University and obtained her Bachelor’s degree in 1971 then had her Master’s degree in Public Law from the same faculty in 1973.

Later, she was appointed to occupy the position of Assistant Administrative Prosecutor where she worked at several prosecutions at Alexandria Governorate and was selected to work at Alexandria’s Technical Bureau in 1988.

Also, for her excellent work performance she was nominated to work at the Headquarters Technical Bureau in 1994, afterwards she headed the Transportation, Education and the Fifth Division Prosecutions at Alexandria Governorate starting from 2006

In 2011 she occupied the position of Deputy of Alexandria’s Technical Bureau, then Deputy of Disciplinary Lawsuit branch, and in March 2018 she became the Deputy of the Headquarters Technical Bureau for Appeals and is currently the President of APA.