APA refers the Medical Advisor of the Egyptian Mission in KSA to Immediate Trial


APA refers the Medical Advisor of the Egyptian Mission in KSA to Immediate Trial

Thursday, 12 May 2016

Counselor/ Sameh Kamal – President of Administrative Prosecution Authority ordered to refer former Medical Advisor at Embassy of Egypt in Saudi Arabia to
immediate trial in the case known in media as the “Hajj stampede & collapse of a construction crane at Mecca’s Grand Mosque; resulting in the death of 188 pilgrims and 51 missing. 

The investigations conducted by Ahmed El-Saharawi – Chief Prosecutor and member of Technical Bureau under the supervision of Counselor/ Mohamed Kamal – Deputy of Technical Bureau revealed that the accused official presented a pilgrims leave request to the Egyptian Ambassador at Saudi Arabia from 21/9/2015 till 28/9/2015 in violation of the law which mandates the approval of the Minister of health to take any vacation.

Where the Head of Therapeutic Medicine Sector at the Ministry of Health and Head of Egyptian Pilgrimage Medical Mission of 2015 stated that the accused official did not perform any action to manage the crises as he did not have any direct contact with the Egyptian Mission, failed to take the necessary procedures regarding determining numbers of deceased and missing pilgrims and also failed to provide treatment for those injured, although those are his main job duties as a medical advisor based on assignment decision No 782 of 2011 which was later cancelled after this incident, as he shall coordinate with Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and take action as soon as the incident occurred without waiting for a formal notification he should have also informed the Egyptian consulate in Jeddah with the daily information concerning the numbers of victims until the Consulate reports to the Egyptian Embassy in Riyadh.
The presence of the medical advisor should have helped overcoming the difficulties that faced the Egyptian mission especially in determining the number of the deceased, injured and missing people as well as facilitating the burial procedures, whereas the Minister of Health immediately headed to Saudi Arabia as soon as he was informed of the difficulties facing the Egyptian mission and met his Saudi Counterpart to take prompt decisions to solve those difficulties
Accordingly, the Minister of Endowments, Head of the Egyptian mission decided to suspend the accused official and report the incident to the President of the Republic, consequently the accused official was referred to immediate investigation based on the memorandum prepared by the Presidency to determine his accountability regarding his failure to provide assistance to the members of the Egyptian mission.
The Prosecution concluded his accountability of the following:
1- Failed to perform the legal procedures followed to request a pilgrimage leave as he presented his leave request to the Egyptian Ambassador at Saudi Arabia despite his knowledge that the competent authority to grant such leave is the Minister of Health
2- Failed to perform his work duties regarding the previously mentioned incidents and omitted to provide any assistance despite of the powers and authorities granted to him as the Egyptian Medical Advisor at Saudi Arabia as by virtue of those powers and his connections with sovereign bodies at Saudi Arabia he could have provided the Egyptian mission with the necessary assistance and official data on victims provided by the Egyptian Official Diplomat in charge.
APA refers the Medical Advisor of the Egyptian Mission in KSA to Immediate Trial