Counselor/ Essam El-Menshawy

06/07/2019 to
01/01/1900 Of

Counselor/Essam El-Din Mohamed Fahim Al-Minshawy

Counselor/Essam El-Din Mohamed Fahim Al-Minshawy, the 26th President of the Administrative Prosecution Authority (APA)

Took the oath of office before President/ Abdel Fattah El-Sisi on Saturday 6/7/2019.

Born on 20/8/1951 and obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Law from the Faculty of Law – Ain Shams University in 1973, afterwards he joined APA and got promoted to senior leading positions as he headed several Prosecutions at Mansora Governorate, Belbes, Zagazig and Tanta cities, Later he was appointed to the position of Deputy of Headquarters Technical Bureau then Head of Giza Governorate Technical Bureau, where in July 2018 he was chosen to become the Head of Headquarters Technical Bureau.